Thursday, December 6, 2018

Kodama Obsidian – Modern And Advanced 3D Printing Solution

Nowadays, we cannot imagine a moment without modern technology. It is something that encompasses us. 3D printing is a wonderful contribution to advanced technology. It is something that adds a new definition to the method of printing. This special type of printing has made a revolution in the world of business and commerce. It is not only a cost-effective solution but also an environmentally-friendly way of printing.

Kodama Obsidian is a newly invented 3D desktop printer. This printer is manufactured by a reputed manufacturer of San Francisco, USA.  It has become popular among the people for a number of reasons. It is inaugurated on Kickstarter in 2017 on the month of June.  In the previous days, no one could imagine making 3D printing as it was highly expensive. But, now, the traditional method of printing is quite obsolete. As everyone wants an eco-friendly solution, this special type of printing has become popular among modern people. Now, take a look at the subsequent passages of this article to get detailed information about Kodama Obsidian.
kodama obsidian
The amazing features of Kodama Obsidian
  • This printer comes with a new design. The design is so attractive that it makes the modern people invest money for buying it. Kodama Inc is the company that has released the all-metal 3D printer first in the market at the most affordable prices. This new model is available at the reputed online stores in the modern days. The printing production cost is so less expensive that it is an ideal option for the small business organizations.
  • The all-new attractive design is named as obsidian. The model does not have a heated bed as the other printers have. You may get amazed by its look. As it provides professional quality printing at affordable prices, it is the one-stop solution among modern buyers. The structure is made of full metal body and the whole unit looks like a neat cube. At the front side and the back side, the filament spool is mounted. When the print head moves, the filament is fed through a special protective tube.
  • There is a 2MP integrated camera, SD card connectivity, and a large touchscreen. In a nutshell, Kodama Obsidian is an accessory that is a combination of best quality, durability, affordability, aesthetics and smart modern features.

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